Toei Kyoto Studio Park: Get Transported into the Eido Period

Toei Kyoto Studio Park: Get Transported into the Eido Period

From the front of the entrance, the studio seems like a typical modern theme park but once you have stepped in, you will be transported into another world during the Edo period. Toei Kyoto Studio Park also known as Toei Uzumasa Eigamura, is set to resemble a small town from the Edo Period, featuring a collection of various traditional buildings and park attendants dressed in cultural outfits.

Toei Kyoto Theme Park is not just a place where is set in the Ninja era, it also serves as a cultural park that reflects the time during the Edo period. Initially, it was made as a filming ground in 1926, as it open its doors to the public in 1975 it has become the “first theme park in Japan” where you could see actual films be made live in front of your eyes. The main studio, Toei Studios Kyoto (TSK) are also located within this theme park, TSK is famously known to make Edo period films and has grown to more localized genres such as yakuza and geisha representing Japanese culture. Over 200 period drama and films were shot in this park. If you’re lucky enough, you get to catch famous actors and actresses filming in the park!

Caught in the scenic views

While walking in the park, you can see ninjas on top of roofs, climbing ropes and leaping to another building, ninja sneaking around surrounded by buildings resembling during the period. Some samurai might be in action having a duel by the streets, or best you get to catch a Ninja fighting with a Samurai!

The townscape includes a replica of the Nihonbashi bridge, police station, historical amenities such as wooden pumps in a town surrounded by traditional machiya (wooden townhouses). You can also rent traditional costumes to blend in with the scenery and be part of the theme!

Get immersed with their attractions!

There are more attractions for visitors than just getting transported into the environment of the Edo period. Get spooked by TOEI scary actors in their ‘Haunted house’, the attraction is set to look realistic haunted house like in movie sets that will definitely give you the goosebumps once you enter the house. Just remember not to hurt the actors!

Explore and breakthrough a 10-meter high indoor maze full of tricks and traps! 3D Maze The Ninja Fort is an athletic-obstacle, 3D maze will definitely challenge your wits. Make sure you are dressed suitable for physical activities and fit to get through the maze.

Enjoy ‘Sasuke’, a ninja show that combines 3d body mapping with action pack acting at the Nakamuraza Playhouse. The show lasting for 20 minutes with mesmerizing lighting and lightning effects surely will keep you captivated.

Enjoy the TOEI gallery

At the Padios, visitors get to see famous series produced by Toei such as Kamen Rider. A gallery of Super Sentai and well-known anime made by TOEI definitely will touch the nostalgia of anime lovers. Learn the history of TOEI’s animation and see how much animation in Japan has evolved.

The park offers a space for prayer to their Muslim visitors, simply ask the park attendant if you wish to perform your prayers. The closest halal eatery to the park is Yoshinoya Arashiyama branch which is 10 minutes ride by bus. There is a bus from Toei Studio Park that goes to Emmachi Station near by Yoshinoya every 10 minutes from Toei Studio Park.

Image source: Wikimedia