Shaun The Sheep Comes To Life in Shiga!

Shaun The Sheep Comes To Life in Shiga!

Shaun the sheep is a famous British stop-motion animated television series that has come a long way to have a permanent installation of Shaun the Sheep Farm House in Rosa & Berry Tawada English Garden, Maibara, Shiga prefecture.

The Farm House is modelled exactly as it is like in the animation including life-sized replicas of characters such as Shaun, Bitzer and the Farmer and scenes from the show where you can take pictures as if you were in the series itself. There is also cafe Called Hillside Cafe Tearoom themed of the animation in an English atmosphere that serves food decorated after Shaun the Sheep.

Rosa & Berry Tawada started its operation in 2003 on the site of a former mine with the purpose to restore back beauty of the after being forgotten and overgrown with weeds and bush for so many years with a beautiful English garden. As time passes, more interesting activity has expanded the park. Now, the establishment serves as a place for spreading information to people who are interested in nature, agriculture, safe food as well.

Take your sweet time, even if you’re not a lover of gardens, there is something here for everyone – plant-lovers, animal-lovers, parents, children or just anyone who is looking for a casual walk in a park. Rosa & Berry has also added on a new attraction ‘FARMAGEDDON’ in June 2020 aside of their Fantasy Garden that’s filled with beautiful sculpted statues.

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