Nyan Nyanji: World's First Full-scale Cat Temple Cafe

Nyan Nyanji: World’s First Full-scale Cat Temple Cafe

The world’s first full-scale temple-style Cat theme attraction base in Yase, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto! Nyan nyan ji which means Meow Meow Temple in English is a cafe with a temple style established in 2017 by Toru Kazaki, an artist who has beautifully design shrines and temples nationwide.

The shop is divided into four parts, the cafe, the shop, the temple corner and the gallery which is known as the ‘cat temple’ side. Patrons can come and enjoy their time in a cat-themed cafe, and then taking pictures of themselves at the gallery and the ‘temple side’.

Look at all their menus! All of their foods are adorably themed as cats, this would be the purrfect place to slurp on some coffee and cakes then play and cuddle with the cute cats. Alcohol served in this premise to do be careful and let the staff be aware of your dietary needs.

The works of the cat artist Masano Kajo are on display at the gallery side.
You can also view the miniature version of the place along with the mascot figurine greeting the patrons as they come over.

Meet Koyuki, the head monk of the shrine. According to her owner, Koyuki loves interacting with her ‘worshipers.’ Koyuki, the white cat monk, is the most popular feline at the temple assisted by the Nyan Nyan Ji’s mascot!

The cat monk Koyuki is not the only cat in Nyan Nyan Ji. There are plenty of assistants there too. Koyuki might not be in the temple all the time as she has her own ‘regular’ shift. But you can’t resist petting the other cats working as the temple ‘assistants’ in the temple are three male cats Waka, Chin, and Aruji and three female cats Ren, Konatsu, and Chicchi. They are as adorable and sweet as Koyuki.

There is a cute cat’s handmade souvenir shop called “Littlefootmark Ren”.
The shop is commissioned to sell about 130 handmade artists.
There are lots of heartfelt works such as dogs and cat goods available only here! Need a unique adorable souvenir? This is the place!

You can even take wool felt classes at the temple with in a homely atmosphere. You can make a reservation with them and learn to make figurines out of wool felt on weekdays from 1 pm to 4 pm. One day strap experience cost 2,000 yen including material costs. For Large and realistic work cost 6,000 yen over a 4 times course.

They also accept orders for wool felt production made based on photos of your pet dog and cat. Do bring several photos to the store and see them produce them exactly as you need. You can also mail them to get the order done by looking at the photos and give you an estimated cost. The price varies depending on the pose, such as the colour, length, size, etc. of the hair.

To get to Nyan Nyan ji, this place is located at 520 Yasekonoecho, Sakyo-Ku, Kyoto 601-1253, Kyoto Prefecture. You can tell the place just from its exterior full of cats on their display!

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