Ninja Samurai Kingdom: Visit the Azuchi Momoyama Era

Ninja Samurai Kingdom: Visit the Azuchi Momoyama Era

Ise Azuchi Momoyama Jokamachi also famously known as Samurai Kingdom Ninja-Ise is a theme park that lets you travel to the past into the Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1573 – 1603) and the Edo Period (1603 – 1868), when the influence of Ninja and Samurai was at its prime.

With a reconstruction of full-scale Azuchi Castle as a backdrop, period dramas and Ninja action shows are performed on the main stage, offering an authentic atmosphere and legendary presentation of Japanese history.

Everyone in this park is dressed in period clothing, even the groundskeepers! That’s how close you can get to time travelling back in time! Plenty of things are awaited for their visitors that will leave a memorable time splendid for the whole family!

Azuchi Castle

The star and landmark of this theme park goes to the Azuchi Castle that was reconstruct in full size built by Oda Nobunaga. Enjoy stunning views of the Ise Gulf from the 6th floor observatory. Just hop on the free bus departing from “Kagomachi-dokoro (Palanquin waiting place)” to go to Azuchi Castle from Ninja Kingdom Ise.

Performances From The Past

Get to know what is like how law practices are carried out during the Edo period, the Yamada’s Magistrates performs the famous drama “Ooka Echizen”, how will the trial continue today? This drama performance mixed with laughter and tears, will definitely enlighten your day.

There are also performances of Ninja fighting Daininja Theatre in action fighting in the glorious battle between Nobunaga’s ninja and Iga’s ninja during Sengoku Period where warlord fight over concuring lands.

The Ooedo Red Light District Theatre show tells story about the Geisha where a customer is the leading character! Enjoy the spectacular gorgeous stage of Oiran, who are said to be the flowers of Edo.

Last but not least, the Nyanmage Theatre show will keep you engaged watching a triumph battle with phantom thief crow gang and other ninjas in a stealthy and quick-witted play.

Shop till You Drop

The shopping arcade is a place for many brands from the highest quality luxury brand AMATELUZ Made In Japan to famous products, Japanese-style accessories from the Mie-Ise.

AMATELUZ has beautiful masterpieces carefully crafted by craftsmen who specialize in crocodile, horse, deer leather. The name “AMATELUZ” refers to the sun god, after the dear guardian deity of Ise.

The Sword Shop within Azuchi Momoyama Castle Town in Ise sells uniquely craft swords and katana from Japan that catches the soul of the modern blacksmith craftsman. There is an outstanding collection of Japanese works ranging from the art products of traditional “Gassanic” and “Yoshihara”

There is also a candy and souvenirs store in the shopping arena for you to bring home some memorable gifts.

Be A Ninja For A Day

Plenty of fun stealthy action pack activities and games for you to enjoy!

Test your sense of balance and wits in the Iga Ninja Wizard House, as traditional ninja houses often leaves mind tricks by playing with perspective that will fill you and your gravity. There is also Ninja Mechanism Maze that will test your critical thinking and decision making overcoming 11 traps imbued in the house.

In the Ninja Museum, all of the Ninja weapons and costumes are exhibited. From here visitors can learn the history and origin of Ninja culture. There are also Ninja classes given out in the museum.

Visitors can also learn how to be a ninja through the Ninja Lessons gave in the museum! A Ninja specialist will explain thoroughly so that as simple and clean even small children can grasp easily. Although, the courses take place on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

You will also get to try to throw some shuriken, blowing darts and end of the day, try out the Sengoku Skill Competition Hall, where you will be challenged with Japanese traditional archery that were used by Warring States generals.

Get spooked through the ghost house where the legendary Japanese ghosts will be waiting for you.

Transfiguration Studio

More than 100 kinds of traditional costumes of the Azuchi-Momoyama era can be rented for you to seep deeper with authentic vibes. Don’t you want to take pictures or walk around the castle town wearing an outfit from the past and experience for a while as if you had mysteriously time slipped to the Azuchi-Momoyama era?

Azuchi Castle Hot Spring

In “Azuchi Castle Hot Spring” located at the front of the Ninja Kingdom Ise open to the public, customers can enjoy four kinds of hot springs at once, including the famous Sakakibara hot spring. After you are out of the water, end your night by enjoying charcoal-grilled seafood & buffet with fresh seafood ingredients from the infamous Ise Bay.

The food served are purely seafood but please be aware of the ingredients used might not be Muslim friendly as it may contain mirin. Do ask the server about the dishes before you consume.

Entry & Transportation

You can reach this theme park easily by taking a 12 minutes walk from JR Futamiura Station, 15 minutes walk toward south from JR “Futamigaura” Station or 40 minutes by “CAN Bus” operated by Mie Kotsu, which travels through Ise, Futami and Toba, departing from Kintetsu Railway’s “Ujiyamada” Station. Get off the bus at the “Azuchi-Momoyama Bunkamura” bus stop.

There are basically two options to enter. 4900 Yen for entrance including access to all attractions or 3600 Yen for entrance only. In that case, you have to pay separately (300-600 Yen) to access some individual attractions.

There are no designated area for prayers nearby but you can always ask from the visitors counter for a space for you to perform your prayers in one of their establishments.

The park is open from 9:00am and closes at 5:00pm, the last admission is at 4 pm.