Nijigen No Mori: Run Like Naruto and Enter the Belly of Godzilla

Nijigen No Mori: Run Like Naruto and Enter the Belly of Godzilla

Nijigen No Mori

Have a blast with nature while enjoying fun activities and interactive adventure in Nijigen No Mori which is also known as Awajishima Prefectural Park on Awaji Island, just southwest of Osaka in Hyogo Prefecture.

The whole park consists of 4 major section from iconic mangas that characterizes Japanese pop culture. The Park started small and has continue to expand with its permanent exhibitions and park sections.

Naruto Fun Park

Live the dream as a shinobi! There are two mazes within the Ten No Maki Mission testing on visitors intelligence and strength. Sharpen your 5 senses to see beat the puzzle, go through the to collect Naruto and Boruto stamp, each maze exited through a fun slide. There is also an AR app that enables the jutsu magic when you stand and pose/perform the jutsu. 

¥500 shuttle bus ticket admission to explore and walk around the area and/or additional fees (¥3300) to participate in missions (Ten No Maki and Chi No Maki) and fully enjoy the Naruto park. If you don’t feel like walking for 10 minutes to the entracnce, take the Naruto bus to get to the theme park.


Behold the “world’s largest life-size Godzilla”, the replica will measure 20 metres high, 25 metres wide and 55 metres making it the only real-life Godzilla statue ever built. Even from a far, you will see Godzilla’s huge head with its gaping mouth and spiny back, seen alongside the park. Defeat the Godzilla with crossing through a zip line into its mouth and shoot at Godzilla’s radioactive cells with their mini puzzle game while you’re in it!

The Godzilla Museum was open in advance for visitors to enjoy featuring dioramas of various scenes from Godzilla films, more than 80 Godzilla figures, props and decoys for Godzilla films used by Toho, and prototype models of the different monsters in the Godzilla universe. The merchandise store also sells limited edition Godzilla items and also Godzilla-themed workshops for children.

Nightwalk Firebird

The Nightwalk Firebird or Pheonix or also known as Hi no Tori, is a unique light up show based on the manga ‘Firebird’ written by the Father of Manga, Osamu Tezuka.

Experience walking through about a 1.2 km dark forest while following the story of Firebird accompanied by beautiful and mesmerizing light-up shows in the forest with some interactive mechanism. The sound of both nature with music and projection mapping is an incredible fusion art of nature and technology that will leave you in awe. Make sure to take a toilet break first before walking through this kilometre of the nightwalk, and have enough energy to walk.

Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park

Although this park caters more towards children, even adults can enjoy in this park as the attractions for both includes a huge athletic course that looks like a fort in the Warring States period. Fly through 210m and 130m long zip-line and complete puzzle games based on the Manga.

Not to miss taking a lot of pictures with Shin Chan with his family and his loyal fluffy dog, Shiro in the park, strike a pose and live the dream of an innocent 5 years old boy! If you love collecting Shin Chan collectables, bring home a “Happy Bag” that has a total of 6 items of Shin-chan merchandise wearing the infamous Chocobi costume as the theme design

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