Glion Museum, Captivating the Vintage of Automotive

Glion Museum, Captivating the Vintage of Automotive

Glion Museum or known as ‘G-Lion’ is a vintage car museum that has over 100 years of history located in a converted red brick harbor warehouse constructed in 1932 in Osaka Bay. It is seen as a valuable heritage of modernization and automotive.

Operated by “GLION Group” started as a small car repair shop and now manages the museum, whose main business was the official car dealer of 13 automakers including BMW.

The museum is themed around the concept of time, Glion sells and display all kinds of used collector and vintage cars areas dedicated to vintage European cars, Japanese cars, American cars.

There are more than 250 cars including old Hondas, Rolls-Royce, classic American cars, rare and unusual Japanese cars including two Toyota 2000GTs, a big selection of Nissan GT-Rs of all generations, and much more. Each of the car exhibits has English translation and playback of the car’s engine on the iPads.

There two luxurious vintage dining experience you can find in this museum, Aka Renga Steak House serving western cuisine and LA VIE 1923, a cafe that has both outdoor and indoor seatings.

The establishment can be rent for events and wedding venue for those who love the vintage theme both for indoors and outdoors. Perfect for those who wants to capture their important moments in a classic setting.

If you’re a big fan of automotive and antiques, his place is a great spot for you to put on the list when you are around Osaka.

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