Get Up--Close with The First Clan of Ninjas in Iga-ryu

Get Up–Close with The First Clan of Ninjas in Iga-ryu

Iga, a town in Mie Prefecture was where the first clan of Ninjas were founded. The Iga-Ryu Ninja Museum established in 1964 aims to preserve the knowledge of their traditions where both locals and visitors can get a hands-on experience with real ninjas.

Ninja Museum

The museum is dedicated to the history and culture of the ninja and ninjutsu.  The museum has audiovisuals, models and extensive static displays of the weaponry and over 400 ninja tools on display, including weapons used in the time of the ninja in Nara Period. Iga ninja of the Fujibayashi family also used a special water flotation device called Mizugumo can only be seen here. At the exit of the museum, there is a merchandise shop where you can get some ninja souvenirs like plastic shurikens. 

Ninja House Tour

Once you reach the Ninja Museum, there will be a guided tour of an old ninja residence building led by a ninja or kunoichi. demonstrates how ninjas use hiding spots to spy on visitors, store hidden weapons, use the secret walls and doors and make an emergency escape. Although the guide gives this tour in Japanese, there are also English translations shown at each exhibition.

After the short tour, you’re free to explore the rest of the museum at your own leisure. You can also dress up as a ninja as you explore the parks surrounding Iga Ueno Castle.

Ninja Show

Catch the highlight of the museum, the Ninja Show where real ninjas demonstrate fights using weapons and fighting techniques at additional 400 yen. It’s best to check the timing of the show-times before you visit as they will only perform a few times every day on their website here.

Nikaku Shokudo

At first glance, it looks just like an old Japanese restaurant but you’ll be surprised with the ninja style as the door of the entrance is a trick as you enter inside! They have many food menus with a ninja theme paired with traditional ambience. You can watch a ninja video produced by Ashura, the ninja team showing performances in Ninja Museum while waiting for your meal.

Although pork is used in the establishment and not a fully approved halal kitchen but Nikaku has a special separate sets of cooking utensils and tableware is used for halal and non-halal dishes to cater to muslim patrons.

This restaurant is located in front of Uenoshi train station and 500m away from Iga-Ryu. it’s a perfect spot for you to relax here after all that ninja training in Iga-Ryu!

To Get Gere

Visitors can get there by getting off at Uenoshi Train Station 10 min walk north, or stop at Ueno Park by taxi and walk the rest of the way uphill around 500m through the park about 5 minutes to reach the museum.

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