Fun in Nara: Best Fun Parks to Visit with Kids

Fun in Nara: Best Fun Parks to Visit with Kids

If you’re going to travel around Nara with children or you’re are just young at heart, don’t miss these places if you’re into outdoor fun!

Ikomasanjo Amusement Park

An amusement park sitting at the top of the Mt. Ikoma at an altitude of 642m and you can overlooking the Osaka Plain field and Nara Basin ideal for summer visits as the higher altitude gives the place a cooler temperature. The park is free to enter although each rides requires differentt fee.

The place itself offers a really good view of the sunset and night view of Osaka,  the view alone might be worth the trip up. You can get to this park by hiking or taking up Ikoma Cable Car that offers a thrilling view of Ikoma’s nature on the way up.

Ikoma Cable Car

Ikoma cable is Japan’s first commercial cable car using only Japanese technology that opened in 1918. It starts at the foot to the Hozan-ji Temple and stops at the Amusement Park on Ikoma-yama. The cable car is covered by the Kansai Thru Pass.

To get to the starting point of the Ikoma Cable Car, Torii-mae Station, visitors cab take the Rapid Express or Express for about 20 minutes from OSAKA-NAMBA Station and get off at IKOMA Station.

Ikoma-sanroku Park

Ikoma Sanroku Park, which stretches out on the hillside of Mt. Ikoma, is located about 2 km from the city centre surrounded by the lush nature of Kongo Ikoma Kisen National Monument. Great place to visit to get connected to nature, and go for a short hike perfect for family to go to a big park with lake, camping ground and barbecue area. Theres a wide variety of facilities and programs in the park, and children and adults can enjoy it all day long.

Famous for their full-scale athletic course making it one of the best in Kansai. On the 800-meter course, there are 30 full-scale playground equipment that are likened to the legend and history of Ikoma. The course with ups and downs that make use of the undulations of the mountains is rewarding. Recommended for adults from the upper grades of elementary school. Helmets are available to rent for visitors safety. It cost 500 yean for adults and 300 yen for children.


This eatery offers Japanese-style set course meals made with natural, seasonal ingredients in a traditional Japanese setting with tatamis and a heated kotatsu. This vegan restaurant located in a large house in the residential area on Mt. Ikoma, great if you’re around Mount Ikoma enjoying the nature.

The main dish is a lunch set of 10 different little dishes, soup and rice including tasty dessert and a drink of your choice all for 2000 yen. You need approximately 2 hours of time to enjoy the full course. Advance reservations are required to ensure your sitting, except for those only having coffee/cake.

Muro Art Forest

A wonderful place in the mountains of Nara prefecture designed to integrate public works and art. Interesting and captivating outdoor installations by artists Inoue Fukichi & Dani Karavan surrounded by pine trees, ponds & grass mounds definitely a place where you can enjoy taking pictures.

The unique landscape and art installations surely to amaze the young ones, even adult to explore and appreciate.  There are about 10 big artistic exhibition scale between 30 to 100 meters in height. It takes 2-3 hours to enjoy because you can walk on or enter into these exhibitions.

Heisei Haibara Children’s Forest Park

This impressively elaborate children’s park with dinosaur theme will surely make them feel like in jurrasic park. The dinosaur athletics site with playground equipment that is child friendly will keep them busy playing

There is also a small splash park for kids to cool down in the summer, this park has an amazing view during spring and autumn as the sakura boom and orange-red leaves will awe you. The parking fee is 500 yen, but the facility is free to use.

Uda Animal Park

Interact and learn more about horses, cows, sheep, goats, rabbits, and chicken in this petting farm. Pony riding, pony shooting and goat sheep feeding experience are free. You can also learn to make your own butter using the cow’s milk here with a small fee of 300 yen.

There are two long winding roller slides, which are popular among kids, make sure to bring your own thin sledge-like mat to reduce the heat from friction sliding down. Parking lots and admission fees are free to this park.

Cafe Mother Bean

If you’re already hungry from visiting so many parks and need to recharge, head to Cafe Mother Beans. A California-style cozy cafe with amazing vegan options. Lunch and dinner specials change every day so you might get a taste of unique delicious vegetarian dishes. Soy milk is available for coffee or tea, and soy nugget and even vegan lasagnia, enough to make your tummy full!

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